Patrol Services

Uniformed patrol officers and marked patrol cars equipped with emergency lighting and internet connected communications equipment.

Residential Public Safety Officers

Whether your community needs roving patrol, access control or a complete security solution, we can assist you in building Your Public Safety Department

Hotel Patrols

Hotels and Motels can benefit from a roving patrol officer. Have us check to ensure your night staff is safe, hallways are clear and provide a visual deterrent to criminal activity.

Commercial Properties

Help to ensure the safety of your tenants and customers with a Uniformed Public Safety Officer on property. Shopping Centers, Office Buildings and more can benefit from...

Construction Sites

Construction sites can present great liability to not only safety but also theft after hours. A trespasser could hurt themselves or steal thousands of dollars in...

Unfortunately recent events have shown us that houses of worship are no longer the safe places they used to be. Their open and inviting nature makes them a target of criminal activity...

Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events and Private Parties can all benefit from having security present. Access control, crowd control, traffic...

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Welcome To Your Public Safety Department

Security and Patrol Service For Broward and Dade counties with Professional Licensed and Insured Security Officers

The SSGPS Difference

When searching for a security service or patrol service provider, you have many choices.  All of them can provide a security guard to sit on your property.  But, can they all provide a professional officer, trained to handle situations that may arise, offer online reporting, real time client report access, officer accountability, exception based reporting and work with you to build a customized security program? Special Services Group Public Safety can.

Locally owned and operated, we understand the varying needs of locations throughout South Florida.  We work directly with you to create a customized security program based on your needs and budget.  In an effort to provide the most cost effective and client focused service, we do not employ sales people or account managers.  All of our accounts are handled directly by one of the agency owners. When you call SSGPS, you are working directly with an owner, which allows us to address your concerns, make necessary changes and ensure your expectations are being met.  

We work hard to provide transparency and accountability to our clients  through the use of body cameras, connected devices and real time reporting.  All clients have access to our online portal that allows them to search reports, incidents, violations and more.  Each portal is customized to the clients needs.  From the portal, clients are able to read a quick synopsis or view the full report.  Reports can then be printed or downloaded by the client.  All reports remain on our servers, with nightly backups, so your reports are accessible whenever you need them. No more stacks of paper reports or waiting for your security provider to email you a report.

Each client is provided with a dedicated on site security phone number.  This number allows the client or residents to immediately contact and speak with the officer on site.  If you are currently utilizing a service where you or your residents cannot quickly contact your site officer for incident response, are they really providing the highest level of service to you and your residents?

Officer training is one of our agency top priorities.  Providing quality officers to your site creates the highest level of customer service and visual criminal deterrent. All officers not only undergo the State of Florida mandated training, they complete additional agency and site specific training from multiple sources, including FEMA, private instruction and computer based courses.

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All SSGPS officers are equipped with digital body cameras.  These allow officers to record interactions and are a valuable tool in ensuring transparency and accountability to our clients.

Real Time Reporting

All clients have access to our real time reporting portal. This allows clients to search, view and print site reports on demand. No waiting for emails.

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Dedicated Security Line

All client sites receive a dedicated phone number to contact the officer on site immediately. This reduces response time and allows residents immediate access to your site officers.

Officer Training

All officers complete State of Florida required training, agency specific training and in service training throughout their employment. We strive to provide the best trained officers

Integrated Technology Reporting System

We utilize the latest technology to provide you with digital reporting, incident tracking, exception based reporting and officer accountability.  Each officer utilizes a smart phone, tablet or laptop to complete on site reports, which are instantly transferred to our online reporting system. You can then search, review, print or download your reports in real time. Our incident tracking and exception based reporting allows us to provide you with data rich information and trends at your location.  This allows you to see how often incidents happen, where they happen and allows us to provide a custom tailored security program to meet your exact needs.

Integrated Technology Advantages

  • No Additional Cost To You
  • Online Daily Reports
  • Online Incident Reports
  • Exception Based Reporting
  • Incident Tracking
  • Officer Accountability

Does your current security service provider offer integrated technology?

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