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Construction Site Security

Construction sites can be a liability not only for safety, but for theft.  Our uniformed construction site security officers can help to ensure you limit your exposure to safety and theft both during normal working hours and when no workers are present.

During non working hours a single trespasser could cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage or theft, or get hurt while trespassing.  Our officers ensure access to the site is secured and no unauthorized persons are on site.  Additionally, these officers are able to immediately report any security or maintenance issues that occur overnight. A single broken water line can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in utility billing.  

During working hours a single unauthorized person, or even a current site worker, could steal thousands of dollars in supplies or job site tools and equipment.  Our trained officers can perform access control, be a visual deterrent to theft or conduct vehicle checks upon entering or leaving property, to ensure no unauthorized items are being removed. 

On site officers are also a great way to log the entrance of supplies, contractors and visitors, ensure visitors are checked in and out, and alert the proper personnel upon regulatory inspector arrival.

We also offer patrol services that utilize a uniformed officer and marked patrol vehicle to perform multiple random patrols of your site throughout the night.  These patrols ensure gates and fencing is secure, no unauthorized persons are on site and check for maintenance issues.  The visual deterrent of a random roving patrol also deters criminal activity on site, as criminals are not sure when the patrol will return, how often they patrol or how long they will be on site.  It is a great cost effective alternative for clients whose budget does not allow for on site security.

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