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Hotel Security

Hotels and motels present a unique opportunity for criminal activity.  Usually a single employee is working overnight and there is an ever varying amount of guests staying in rooms on site.  Some local governments have even enacted nuisance laws, where if a property has repeated calls for service, it could be designated a nuisance and incur charges for police service calls.

In an effort to prevent your property from becoming listed as a nuisance property and provide your overnight employees and guests with a greater sense of security, we offer multiple security options for hotel security.

If your property requires a continuously present on site hotel security detail, our uniformed officers can remain on site, performing foot or vehicle patrols throughout the property and answering calls for service from your employees.  This static presence on site provides a great visual deterrent to criminal activity, allowing your guests and employees to feel safer.

If your property or budget requires less then an on site hotel security detail, we offer a patrol service that provides an armed uniformed officer who visits the property multiple times per night to check the property, hallways and common areas, as well as answer service calls from your night manager, return to the property to assist your manager, handle a guest security concern or remove trespassers from the property.  This cost effective solution provides a random patrol of the property multiple times per night, where the officer checks in with the night manager to ensure there are no concerns, walks the hallways or walkways to ensure there are no loiterers or damage to the building, checks pool areas and provides a visual deterrent to criminal activity.  

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Does your current patrol provider walk the hallways, check pool areas and provide a marked patrol unit to help deter criminal activity?

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