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Religious Security Services

Unfortunately events in the world today have shown that criminals no longer respect the safe places that houses of worship have traditionally provided.  As more crimes against these places take place and receive national or international attention, criminals increasingly target them.  These houses of worship have been traditionally soft targets, due to their lack of security and open welcoming nature.  This presents a problem for traditional security measures, and we understand and work around that issue with our religious security services.

Our officers are trained in providing an effective deterrence and response to criminal activity at your church, synagogue or other location, while continuing to foster the open and welcoming environment that houses of worship should offer.  By utilizing professional armed uniformed officers and marked patrol vehicles, we create a major visual deterrent to criminal activity, along with providing the feeling of safety and security to your members.  Due to our officer retention benefits, we are also able to provide you with the same officers for every service.  This allows your members to get to know your officers, and allows the officers to know and recognize your members and the specifics of your location.  This allows the officers to quickly notice changes, new people and other alert signals that forewarn of an incident.  

Officers are also able to assist with traffic control on your property, provide a jump start to members who may have a dead battery or assist your members in any way possible.

Remember, security at your location should not be intrusive and it should work with your organizations goals and current operations.  Religious security services require special care and etiquette to maintain a safe, secure and welcoming environment.  Our officers are trained to provide that level of service.  Our team is also available to speak with members about personal security, alert signals while at services and at home, and attend your organizations safety and security meetings.

We can provide full time coverage of your location, coverage during service hours, special events or anytime you need security on premises. We work with our clients to provide a custom tailored program that meets your needs and your budget, and we will work with you to create a plan that works for your organization.

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  • State Licensed and Substantially Insured #B1800348
  • State Licensed Officers
  • Officers Receive Continuing Education and Specific Training
  • High Level of Visual Deterrence to Criminal Activity
  • Non Intrusive Security Services
  • Officer Retention and Same Officers For Your Site
  • Direct Connection to Agency Ownership
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