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Residential Security Services

Professional uniformed officers for communities, condominium associations and apartment complexes.  Whether you have a gated community and need access control and patrol, or an open community that can benefit from a full time patrol service, we can custom tailor a program to meet your needs and budget.

Our integrated technology allows our officers to complete incident and property reports digitally, send them to our servers and have the information available to our clients daily, weekly or on demand.  These reports remain stored with our agency, and available to be sent to you at any time.  You will no longer need to receive hand written reports, or store reports for extended periods of time. Increasing the effectiveness of your residential security program. 

Our integrated technology also allows us to send monthly reporting on incident types, frequency and location on property to you.  This allows us to work together to further tailor your service to meet your needs with data driven information.

Utilizing internet connected technology, we are able to ensure officer accountability the entire time our officers are present on your property, ensuring you are getting the services you pay for.  Officers utilize this technology to log patrol activities, pool checks, incident response, calls for service and anything else you require a log of response for.  All of this is backed with GPS tracking, allowing us to confirm the officers location at all times when on your property.

Our residential security patrol officers practice a Windows Down patrol technique.  This means when patrolling, our officers have the window down and car radio off.  This allows our officers to hear what is happening outside the patrol car, wave and say hello to residents and be approachable by residents to answer questions or concerns while performing patrols. Community involvement is an important foundation to your security program.

Our ownership team believes in being involved with every client.  They are a direct phone call away from any client, and ready to respond to any questions, concerns or needs you may have.  Our owners attend your HOA, POA and other association meetings, so we can answer any questions your residents have and work to ensure their security concerns and needs are being met.

Through our rigorous hiring process and officer retention benefits, we work hard to ensure that you have the same officers working your community every week.  This allows your residents to get to know the officers, and your officers get to know your residents.  Building trust within the community is a foundation of proper security. 

When you decide to work with Special Services Group Public Safety, you are not just hiring a security agency for your community, you are building Your Public Safety Department.

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  • Licensed and Substantially Insured Agency #B1800348
  • State Licensed Officers
  • Officers Undergo Continual Education During Employment
  • Integrated Technology
  • Online Reporting and Report Retention
  • GPS Verified Officer Accountability
  • Direct Connection to Agency Owners
  • Wndows Down Patrol Service
  • Community Involvement
  • Your Community Name On Patrol Vehicles
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